We Love Our Troops

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Teachers & Scout Leaders

Our deployed warriors LOVE hearing from children. Often sharing their cards, letters and artwork by posting in a common areas of the base. 


Here are a few key points to improve your experience of troop support

1) STRANGER DANGER: Children's full names, home addresses or emails SHOULD NOT be on items. 90% of our deployed warriors are strangers to myself and certainly to your student or scout. We suggest first names only. 

2) PLEASE LABEL each piece of mail or art work with your adult information. Mailing type labels (Avery 8161) work great for this purpose. Teacher name, grade, email or school address for correspondence from the warrior who has recieved the child's art is great. Not all deployed warriors will respond. They are incredibly busy but often they want to respond with their appreciation. 

3)Don't Expect a Response. These warriors are working long days, eating, trying to clean weapons and themselves. Many have families including young children they need to stay in contact with. Their time is limited, so please DON’T EXPECT a response.

4) NO GLITTER-NO EXCEPTIONS! It doesn't take much light to reflect a piece of glitter on a uniform and put our troops in danger. Plus glitter is difficulty to clean up on the best of circumstances. 

5) We ship all year, not just at Christmas. If your scouts or students want to create holiday items such as Easter items, Valentines, Christmas ornaments, etc., please keep in mind our large flat rate boxes are 12x12 square and approx. 5 1/2 inches high. Boxes cost $20.95 to ship. 30 Easter cards, or foam magnets are easier and less expensive to ship then large Easter baskets. 

If you are unsure of a project please feel free to email me at WeLoveOurTroops@Voyager.net  I've also spoke to classrooms across our county and would love to work with your students or scouts on a project. 

Thank you for your interest in our mission of supporting those deployed.