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Items We Can or Can Not Send


*Cards and letters of encouragement are the most important item we could ever send*

Snacks, Food and Treats: Individually wrapped candy, tootsie rolls, suckers, skittles, M&M’s, sweet tarts,Trail mix, Nuts, sunflower seeds, energy bars, granola bars, cereal bars, pop tarts, oatmeal, Peanut butter and jelly (in plastic containers), cracker and cheese kits, pretzels, Chips (Pringle like containers are best) Individual drink mixes. Non refrigerated microwave meals including microwave deserts, tuna pouches, chicken salad cracker kits, Easy mac. Canned items such as stews, chili, ravioli, and soup. (no condensed soups. Most will have no way to prepare them)

Personal Hygiene and Toiletries: Stick deodorant (both male and female), shampoo, shaving crème (non aerosol), disposable razors (prefer Mach 3 as they last for months), liquid body soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, Band Aids, Neosporin, muscle rub, Baby wipes-non scented ,Tylenol, Chap Stick, antacids tablets, Clippers, tweezers, emery boards, black hair ties (colored hair accessories are not allowed for females while in uniform), Feminine hygiene products (pads & tampons), hair brushes. Medicated body/Foot Powder. Mole Skin (type of cover for blisters), Eye drops/eye wash, Q-tips (they are used to maintain weapons as well as personal hygiene) NO bar soap, it’s messy to store after use and will smell up the entire box. No hotel items. 

MISC. DVDs, AAA and AA batteries (non-lithium and must be in original packages), black ink pens, pencils, blank greeting cards, stationary, small writing tablets, Zip Lock baggies of all sizes, super glue, safety pins, small sewing kits, eye glass repair kits, pocket calendar, boot or shoe inserts such as Dr. Scholl’s

Entertainment: Movie dvd’s, small portable board games, comics from newspapers, crossword or sudoku type books, chess/checker sets, frisbee

Bedding: Twin sheets and pillow cases (factory sealed)

Holiday decorations: such as plastic Christmas tree bulbs, table top trees, stockings, Christmas tree lights, plastic Easter eggs. Nothing fragile. NO GLITTER-NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please keep in mind we typically use Large flat rate boxes are 12x12 and 5 1/2 inches high. 

Military.com states “There may be items you cannot send, depending on where your service member is located. If your service member is in the Middle East or Persian Gulf areas, you should not send anything that would offend people of the Islamic faith”

We ask that you respect these guidelines:

Items that cannot be shipped to deployed troops

No obscene articles, including but not limited to, movies, magazines or photos.

No religious materials contrary to Islam -unless your warrior has REQUESTED a bible or literature of his/her faith. DO NOT send boxes of leaflets or books. No religious figurines or statues. 

Anything depicting nude, semi-nude persons, pornographic or sexual in nature

Anything flammable; lighter fluid, nail polish remover, Sterno canned fuel, road flares

NO foods containing pork or pork by-products


Non-authorized political materials

Fire arms or ammunition

NOTHING WITH GLITTER, such as cards or Christmas decorations. (glitter is easily detected with minimal light on a uniform, thus possibly putting the warrior and his team in danger)

For k-9 team supplies please see tab Us Military Working Dogs. We typically do not have K9 teams on our support list so please check with me before bringing K9 items. Thank you.